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I'm working as DevOps (software developer and linux administrator) in a TYPO3 agency in Stuttgart. I love OpenSource technologies like Linux and PHP and I'm want to share knowledge and experience.

SCRUM doesn’t work

SCRUM is a method to change management, team building and communication with a tight form of project management. It also provides a way to tackle difficult projects and create a successful team – But does it really work? SCRUM currently is hyped as one of the Agile methods with meeting

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Separation and improvement of TYPO3 and PHP Docker Boilerplate

TYPO3 Docker Boilerplate forked to PHP Docker Boilerplate leading to more specialization,better customization, faster creation, development and testing – multiple PHP versions (5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6) supported. Until this weekend there only was the TYPO3 Docker Boilerplate which was now forked to PHP Docker Boilerplate. The main reason for the fork was

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